#3 Select your Background Sound Level

Based on the wall's acoustical performance, find the recommended background sound level on your project to ensure speech privacy.​

Use the STC value from Step 2 above (select your wall) and click on the corresponding value within the table below.

Select the performance level

Background sound level

best STC 50
better STC 45
good STC 40
best NRC 0.90
  • STC 50

    No Less Than 25 - 30 dBA

  • STC 50

    No Less Than 30 - 35 dBA

  • STC 50

    No Less Than 35 - 40 dBA

Note that the ambient sound or background sound from building mechanical systems, sound masking (electronic or otherwise), music, etc. should be louder than this minimum level. If it isn’t, the wall alone may not be adequate enough to achieve speech privacy. For more information please contact us